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The Lord of Salamander

Their salvation rests in one boy's destiny . . .

13-year-old Elijah Pendleton has just overheard his aunts reveal a shocking family secret.

What he'd grown up believing had been the callous abandonment of the baby his parents didn't want, may have very well been a desperate last-ditch bid to spare his life before they're said to have been captured and imprisoned by a dastardly and power-hungry ruler where, in a not so faraway kingdom, they're said to have remained as prisoners . . . awaiting their son's prophetic return.

This revelation will be the spark that sets Elijah's extraordinary adventure into motion, eventually leading him to a mysterious other world where his very arrival has been foretold will bring forth an end to a decades-long era of darkness.

​​​​​​​But will Elijah be strong enough to survive the treacherous journey that lies ahead and fulfill this long-awaited prophecy or will this so-called Mythic Realm lose the only hope they have left at salvation and remain forever shrouded in darkness?

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